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Executive Officers:

Toni Tinker

Vice President of the Sacramento Region

Reginald Fair

Sacramento Chapter

Veria Johnson


Ms. Johnson has a keen knowledge and expertise in the accounting  and auditing field and fund development. Her efficient organizational skills, financial adeptness and her strong commitment and dedication  has proven invaluable to the internal success of BAPAC Sacramento and its commitment to remain fiscally compliant and transparent.

Pastor Alice Banks


Health Committee

Pastor Banks believes that education is the key to saving lives. As a retired Registered Nurse, she has committed to that belief and strives to carry out that role in BAPAC Sacramento. Having served on numerous Boards, Pastor Banks is a well-respected leader in the community and has risen as a fierce champion in the fight against the abundant  health issues that negatively and fatally impact the lives of African Americans.

Edenausegboye Davis


Youth Committee

Ms. Davis is a well-experienced and trusted youth advisor and director who has many lifetime  accomplishments and  community honors in child development. She is extremely passionate about educating and training young people to become leaders within our community and within BAPAC Sacramento and in every aspect of their lives

Debra Milian


Veterans Committee

Vicki Boyd


Education Committee

Veronica Nelson

Norma Nelson


Membership Committee


Voter Registration Committee

Scott Loken

Web Designer



Director of Legislation 

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