The Black American Political Association of California mission is to educate, engage and empower California communities of color in an effort to restore and promote social and economic equity. Started in 1978 by Dr. Percy Pinkney and 20 key leaders, BAPAC has since grown. (Note: Although political is in our name we are not a political organization. We do not endorse political candidates, nor do we contribute money to candidates or PACs. We are a bipartisan, 501(c)(3) organization.)

Mission Statement

The Black American Political Association of California (BAPAC) was founded in 1979 when sixty African-American leaders and activists from across the state met in San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

BAPAC's mission is to identify, document, effectuate, and develop the political resources necessary to achieve the education equity and excellence for our children, prosperity-economic development, social justice and equal protection under the Constitution, public safety-protect the rights of our citizens and support lawful rulings for every citizen in California, and promote cultural and heritage events to educate African Americans on our rich traditions and contributions to California history and its growth.



BAPAC seeks to develop and maintain an assertive posture in securing the rights of African Americans in their quest for equal rights and social justice. The Sacramento Chapter of BAPAC is committed to this goal and our "Mission Statement."


Focus Areas

Community Engagement

BAPAC Sacramento will strongly endeavor to engage our community and partners to become active and educated in the political processes, to learn the roles and actions of the Legislature and local government, and to learn and utilize one's "voting power."


Economic Development

BAPAC Sacramento believes that its members and interested individuals deserve to learn and utilize the tools and techniques we offer to acquire economic prosperity and to gain economic power and wealth to leave a financial legacy for future generations.


Health & Wellness

BAPAC Sacramento will continue to educate constituents regarding the high health statistics and issues affecting African Americans and will stay abreast of the legislation that pertain to these issues to make a difference in the lives of our minority citizens.


Our Youth & Young Adults

BAPAC Sacramento strives to educate, empower and support our youth in their academic endeavors and will continuously encourage youth to become leaders involved in the political processes.


Women's Leadership Initiative

BAPAC Sacramento strongly believes that more African American women and women of color are needed to become executives, elected officials and Members of the Legislature and to gain even greater prominence in our community. This achievement will come through our strategic training and distinctive programs involving women and girls.


Political Training Institute (PTI)

A progressive training program designed to prepare individuals interested in running for an elected office.